making islands where no island should go

iceland no. 11:

and the rest.

the last bit of photos of iceland.
randoms of my favourites.

1// a spontaneous adventure somewhere off the ring road.
2// delicious icelandic tapas at Foretta in Reykjavik. our fave meal of the whole trip.
3// our (serious) dream of an apartment we stayed in for one night.
4// cool wood wall at a pit stop by geysir.
5// yet, another spontaneous adventure somewhere off the ring road.
6// some beautiful icelandic horsies we saw, stopped to meet, and swooned over.
7// rest stop architecture. imagine if the rest stops between toronto to ottawa looked like this.

i think re-visiting iceland comes into my brain at least once a day.
can't wait to go again. one day.

now. time to start posting whats been recently going on!


  1. hi lindsay, i only just now figured out that i've been following you on instagram for a while ànd that you have an amazing blog :) your posts on iceland make me want to pack my bags and leave, right now!

    1. hi steph, thank you! i love your instagram and blog also :) iceland is an amazing place to visit - i highly suggest it. 100%. and if you ever need tips, let me know!